Paul's Story

A few years ago, Paul was working a job that he absolutely did not like, to the point where he wasn’t sleeping very well. He was up before the sun just about everyday and the only thing that got him through the day was sitting near the window, watching the sun rise. That is where the name Sunrise Soapery was born.


Paul’s former career was in the cosmetology field, that’s where the science for skincare came about when he was watching YouTube videos and came across someone making soap, he knew he had to try it. He made a batch of soap and was instantly hooked. From there lots of other products came out amid experimenting with ingredients and formulas.


From there he knew he wanted to do more, one of his life long dreams was to own a gift shop, after success with just soap and skincare he decided to expand, and now he owns a 'sister' company - Open Space Gift Shop & Creative Studio located in Tewksbury, MA where our soap is carried.